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High Quality Food Provider Company | E-Commerce Store Development

About Our Client:

Nestle espresso is a big high-quality food provider in North & south Africa, Europe , Middle east and Iran.

Business Challenges:

The customer was operating an e-commerce store in eight separate locations, each having its own language preferences, product inventory, and shipping and payment options. Eight servers, one for each area, were handling the e-commerce solution.

Tech infrastructure challenges:

The infrastructure used by the client to service various areas was owned and operated by local channel partners.

Debugging needed access to a number of regional servers, which used to be tedious and caused turnaround times to be delayed for all repository packages.


We were approached to talk about a solution to examine the current infrastructure and recommend process re-engineering to increase maintenance efficiency and improve user experience.

The workflow and technological infrastructure that are now in place were studied, and in-depth conversations with the process owners.

Our team suggested modifying the deployment procedures to consolidate the common features of each area into a single package. This would result in a significant reduction in the development cycle and man-hour cost, as well as a savings of over 25% of the technical team.

A centralized orchestration tool was suggested as the approach, which would broadcast to all regional deployments any modifications made to common packages (which account for around 50–60% of business needs) kept in the central repository.
The regional business teams coordinated all procedures and requirements specific to each location.



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